Mother To The Inner Children

Mother To The Inner Children

She protected all the inner children; when they got scared, it was pandemonium, and took soothing music, calming poems, chamomile tea, lots of hugs, their favorite stuffed bear (Winnie) and gentle stories to calm them all down

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This one of a number of her drawings. It is hard to post here with a 1MB limit, and I have to crop it down considerably, but the essence of this one is intact. Michele, this is with you in mind, because that is how Em was inside...there was frequent chaos, scrambling, get it. It is a mixed blessing to be sharing these, but they are too F'g good to not share them. I posted this one on facebook (Neal Klein) and it has some of the details on the rest of the picture
I see an Angel. A beautiful, strong. and loving Angel. Thank you for sharing.

thanks Karen
thanks Karen
thanks Karen
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