Trust Therapy, Not Easy

Trust Therapy, Not Easy

It is difficult to trust, especially to trust someone with your inner children. That is terrifying, and requires all one's inner strength to maintain sanity, persevere through treatment, and retain hope and determination to live with joy

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This picture and this therapy, dealt with a different kind of cancer. The effects were not any different from cancer. Emilee was a survivor of childhood (and adult) sexual and physical trauma.

It was only because she felt safe in our relationship, that she was able to begin to heal some of her wounds. The blessing is that she is NOW finally healed and at peace, and for that, I am eternally grateful.
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This should be hanging up in a therapist's office.
Truly it conveys Trust.
Thank you for sharing.
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and by the way.....Life is NOT fair, cancer is NOT fair, and now that we got that out of the way... the question is not if anything is fair or not fair...that is a dead end road... the only issue is how to deal with it all in some compassionate way... you can only control how you react and how you manage to somehow cope hopefully in a healthy, loving to keep love in your heart and not turn bitter...if you can accomplish this herculean task, then you have found a wisdom and a gift (as so many of you have) that no disease can ever take away from you.
She endured so much. Incredible that she survived this abuse and managed to transform herself into a fierce cancer warrior. And how wonderful that you are willing to share her many tragedies and triumphs here, Neal. She must have been one amazing woman.....💪🏽
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Thank you and yes she was
Oh my goodness....Em went through so much in her life. Yet she trusted life enough to get married, have children, grandchildren. I didn't go through any of that and I always felt I wasn't grounded enough for children. God bless her, and you Neal.
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