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Neal's Cancer Blog


Note to YOU:

When I needed voices to comfort me

You were there

When I needed to know I was not alone

You were there

When I needed to express my feelings ( and sometimes share too too much 😂)

You were there

When I needed someone to listen, and give me a place to vent

You were there

When I needed to know that if I fell someone would come pick me up

You were there

When I needed silent affirmation

You were there

When I needed a place for my voice to Echo and reverberate whether yours vibrated in resonance or not

You were there

Thank you for being there
For you, I am grateful
For you, I am thankful
For helping me to learn,
For being there as I learn how to live and love and figure out
How to live the important questions,
And how to live and Breathe In This Moment and the next

Thank you, I wish you peace, I wish you love, I wish you the love that Emilee had in her heart and gifted to me to share the best I can

To YOU, and you know who YOU are...

Neal Harvey... Good day and peace in your heart on Thanksgiving

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Jane, Marcia sent you a hug.
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Happy Thanksgiving Neal!
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I was just thinking of you earlier. Every year, Ellen and I went to Betelli's restaurant on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for spaghetti & meatballs and merlot. I had no idea 2016 would be our last; she died in her sleep on December 11th. I pass by Betelli's every day. Wherever you go tomorrow please know that my thoughts, prayers and good wishes go with you, for you, your children and grandchildren and the two people we know in Heaven.😘
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Thank you for such a sweet message. And I know you still carry Ellen with you as I do Emilee... and you always will... Thank you for your kind words and I wish the same to you and your husband and your family
Sounds like what David Whyte said about friendship, doesn't it?
That's all any of us can do there for our fellow travelers.

Sometimes I wonder...even though I know it's not my place to ponder God's ways. But I wonder if sometimes our suffering is used to give us empathy or motivation or both to help others.

May the Lord send you peace like a river.
Isaiah 66:11-13
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Very nice Neal. Thank you.
Love to Sherry
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Anatomy Of A Song to Distract and Bring a Smile

listen. I hope on the one hand that I am NOT boring on the other hand....and thank God I have all these hands.....on the other hand, I thought I would share something of my process with you to take your mind off of cancer for a few minutes..... so what I have here is a poem I wrote in August as day four of Emilee's birthday month.  I wrote it, then added the last two lines last week.  Then, I changed it up a little bit in trying to make it into a song. 

It started out as a serious song, without any fun change ups in it. It was NOT working. I have learned to be patient and that as the process unfolds, something else WILL happen. So it went thru some changes....and I had to take some breaks and let it rest a bit.........and while driving to the store to get more birdseed....(I go through 80 pounds in about two months)...... the thought of the ...... "would you, would you care, would you care to dance..." just came to me, as if he were trying to get the words out and at first they just wouldn't come out smoothly because he was a little nervous, or shy, or just so taken with her that the words didn't come out right at first, but he persisted and in spite of his fear ..... he asked her to dance....and then he....he TOOK HER HAND IN HIS...... how romantic....even though the song doesn't feel romantic.... the story is.... anyway..... I got back home and the song seemed to be developing...... and the howl.... just for some fun....and my granddaughter will love it......... 

so what you have is the original poem with my added two lines......and then i just broke it up a little to get the song to work..... there you have it..... some of the anatomy of my well, a glimpse anyway.....

The Poem....which has changed names from Midsummer Night You Care to Dance ..... and by the way....there was a sale that day back in August, a sale on alliteration... and I bought a

Midsummer Night

Backlit clouds on a midsummer night

sultry salt air rippling on silk breezes

warm wafting scents of soothing jasmine jazz

carving soft soapwood sounds to her gentle heart

would you care to dance he asked

and took her hand in his

sparks and tremors then ensued

and lost was she in wispy reverie

added:   enraptured they walked down the moss covered path

in the shadows of the moon


hope this link works...the song lasts only about 2 minutes and thirty seconds...strangely enough...I want it to go on longer....but then, it is MY song, but It feels like it ends tooo soon....although someone else may say, it didn't end soon that would NOT be nice...(smile)...........Neal Harvey.....good day!

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rollerFetching more entries....

Vital Info


February 10, 2017

North Haven, CT, usa 06473

In Memory of a Loved One

Cancer Info

Pancreas Cancer

Stage 4



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