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Humor For Today, Ear noise and Abbreviations, Etc.

This was in response to a post, but I couldn't let it just drift into obscurity, so perhaps it will bring a needed chuckle... God knows we need to laugh.... so here goes.... much about nothing really....please sit back and enjoy my banter.....

just curious (dangerous, I know)... did you find out why your EARS don't fart? you are my go to person for this (lucky you) since you raised the ear fart potential... yes, you raised it to a new height, elevated it to scrumptious thinking…. Now… on with it…

Mine seem to do sort of a noise crescendo sometimes... a high pitch tone that builds to a crescendo and then fades the Doppler effect of a siren coming towards you and then faaaaaaaaaaaading into the distance... so..

shall we come up with a term for that? auditory symphonic crescendo (ASC) or auditory symphonic sensation (ASS) ... that might be better...then I could say I have ASS in my ear, or some other such clever play on words... and the accompanying images that go along…

you seem to be ingenious along these lines... in your spare time... I look forward to your anal..ysis of this scenario or just tell me to lay off the hallucinogens for a little while...(tongue stuck in cheek...tsic..starting a new book on abbreviations)....

just thought I would say hi and throw a few hot winded brain farts in your direction... and perhaps return the smile you brought to my face reading your post ....yours truly...... Singing Ears (one of my many Native American Indian names) abbreviation...aromatic effluence quotient..AEQ..then you can rate your farts or effluence... or...especially for the NEWS these days..... I give it a 5aeq on a 10 pt scale...and so on... and so fart...I mean forth... uhhh.... just can't seem to stop myself... I need to get a life, huh???

trump towers... new name... sump pump towers..(SPT... sort of sounds like STD sexually transmitted disease.... or SBD you know, silent but deadly).....or.... effluence management towers...EMT.. or my favorite at the moment........Frighteningly Asinine Repugnant Tweethead ....there....F.A.R.T……enjoy your day....and...if I offended anybody..... lighten up...okay???..............Dear Mr. President F.A.R.T. ............LOL

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You are a riot‼️
Susan, coming from you (you know I value your comments) that means a lot.... thank you..maybe you will read it to hubby for a laugh
Love that old F.A.R.T.. Best one yet. We all need a good laugh and this has given me one.
so happy to be practicing medicine without a license... since laughter is the best medicine... every laugh brings a smile to my to hear you had a good laugh... thank you for telling me .... can I pose an awkward question?... sure why there any one else that thinks this finger in the ad on this page.... looks like a penis??? I know I tend to be fixated on sexual imagery, butt...but... no matter how many times I look at it..... just...posing the question to see if it is JUST ME or
oh the ad is not here... right... of course... now everyone will think I am totally is the Dr Oz add...with cream on the finger for use under the eyes for sagging ...
please...if any else reads this...and has had the same impression or you
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A Drink and a Wish, from the Well

a Poem and a Wish, for those who just need a little something



Only when you drink from the well of silence

will you surely you find your voice,

for to truly sing,

one must be able to listen,

especially to oneself

as well as filtering through this noise encumbered world,

and attention or quiet mind is needed to untangle the web of voices within.

Only then may the jumble of voices be deciphered and layered

to blend and ring out in harmonious luster,

shining light onto the self and others

wandering in dimly lit passageways

that beckon illumination.

Then may you sing,

allowing your voice to reverberate

love sweet love,

for, when you sing

in tune with the music inside,

you are in harmony with earth and spirit.

So, pause, breathe,

quench your thirst from the well of silence.

You need only to stop and listen,

and sing your song.


And... My Wish

May those who need strength and hope and light,

may angels sing you a sypmphony of love to surround and uplift you,

cloak you in a blanket of protection,

catch your tears with gentle hand,

and bring you something to smile about

Love Neal

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Neal, your poetry is beautiful.
I have been reading books on Julian of Norwich and Ignatius Loyala. I have found one of the secrets of living life is to make the time to stop: allowing myself the space to become aware of the silence. Thanks for the beautiful reminder and "may angels sing you a sypmphony of love to surround and uplift you".
thank you ...nothing like getting a hug back from you with my own words... you seem to have an inner wisdom that you have learned to listen to... thank you for sharing your thoughts and the books you are reading...please send me the titles...thanks
This is beautiful. A well to drink from and to make a wish. I don’t think I have ever put those 2 together. Very interesting and uplifting.
The sound of silence can be deafening. It takes courage to listen and patience to actually hear.
I have to choose my words very carefully for I am not sure how much I will be able to say before I go into a coughing spasm. A good thing to come out of this is how I talk to my daughter. I speak in a whisper which means I have to have her full attention when I talk to her. So communication is face to face and not shouting at each other from around the house. The phone is off. The TV is off. I think it has brought us closer.
Thank you Neal for your insight. May I share your poems with my friends outside of this blog?

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I would be honored... and by the way, I realized the "well" has a second meaning.... it is both a well from which fresh water as well as wishes may be obtained, but could also be a wish for well--ness... always the punster... when you get emotional, that causes coughing spasms? wow... i would be in spasm a lot... your daughter is going to be (already is) wise beyond her years... the closeness is a blessing.. most blessings are mixed... ohhhh....the well is usually deep.... that too conjures many images for me... there is a quote from Khalil Gibran and he uses the term river of silence, but a well spoke more to my heart, and the poem flowed from there.... but I give Gibran credit for inspiring me with his words

thank you for risking a spasm to share your feelings. always appreciated Karen.....Neal
Again Neil, you have quieted my soul and made me appreciate my inner self for strength and resilience.
thank you Deborah...your feedback inspires me to stay open to the things that trigger these images for was the first time I read (i read this one and the one about giving the person's love away) any of my poems out loud to anyone... it was just one person...but she was so encouraging, that I heard my heart sing a few notes...I am glad it made you feel something positive
Thank you again Neal, the words are beautiful. Full of feeling and insight. You have a fine gift with words.
thank you I am blessed with the honored task of sharing the gift with others...your words are encouraging, and much appreciated
The right words at the right time. Thank you, Neal. 💪🏽
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This is very nice, I got that feeling like when someone had a melodious voice that you feel like you took a Valium. The beginning reminds me of, in the Bible, Tabitha, I believe also called Dorcas, is at the well.
thanks Marcia... your bible knowledge far surpasses the little I know... I haven't done any valium...not yet anyway
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