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Magic Lives On, Cancer Does Not

So, here is the thing about cancer.  You know that question on the profile, the one that asks what do you most dislike about cancer?

Here is my thought for the day.  It came to me while watching the movie Pete’s Dragon.  I am a sucker for those kind of movies.   And, these days, I just discovered, I need to watch them alone.  ‘Cause I sob.

What I think cancer tries to do, is rob you of the magic in your life.  It tries, and tries and tries.  And there is not one person on this earth that can say that they don’t see some kind of magic in their lives. 

Think about it.  Your damn heart is like an electrical, mechanical pump that continues to beat, how many millions of beats?  Anyone really know why it keeps going until that last moment that it stops? 

Oh, you can get all technical about how the electrical signals pass from one spot to another and relay an  electrical impulse and a rate for rhythm, and a strength of beat, and how ions switch and transfer and cause impulses to travel along axons and nerve pathways and cause muscles to contract, and on and on.

But can anyone really tell you why?  Some think it is god.  Some say it just is the way it is.   I say it is magic.  The same magic you believed in when you were a small child (as opposed to a big child, which some of us are).  The same magic that is all around us.

Look at the clouds…..look at the colors in the sunrise and sunset.  Look at the wind…feel it?  Feel it blow through your hair, feel it caress your bald head, feel it whip through your clothes and take your body heat with it.

Look at the trees.  Did you ever stop and just marvel at the tree shapes, the way the big branches divide into smaller and smaller and smaller designs?  The clouds…ever look at the intense designs?  The myriad of intricate brushstrokes strewn across the sky.

How about the way our bodies take in the food we eat, when our bodies are able to convert this chewed up mush into material that our cells can convert into energy….it is like we are able to create our own battery life to carry on cell function and can use this energy to move against gravity, air resistance, lift our bodies, lift our legs to walk and take steps, push and pull objects, get up from a chair, the floor.

What about the way the warm water in the shower transfers heat to your skin, the way the food cooks on the stove, the way the pond freezes from the top down leaving some air in the bottom water for the fish.

How about the way our body breaks apart the water we drink, and the sounds the water makes as it flows in a brook, creating little cascading waterfalls as the water flows downhill. 

The sounds of the birds, the colors that we see, the smells of the food, the flowers, the poop when you sit on the toilet…..yes, even the obnoxious smells and the irritating sounds…..all music of a sort.

And I won’t even get started on music, how it can move you, take you places, carry you away, soothe you, smooth you, funk you up, get you moving, get you relaxing, help you sleep, make you cry, make you laugh and sing and shout. 

The magic is everywhere.  So, what is it that cancer tries to do?  I think it tries to rob us of the magic.  It wears at you.  It slowly erodes little bits of magic and eats away at many of the things that cause you to feel joy.  It eats away at all the body functions that are magical and starts to cause them to malfunction.

It is like when the computer HAL in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey started to malfunction and mess with the operating systems of the spaceship.  It affects all our basic functions, our skin, our mouth, throat, lungs, blood, digestion, elimination, bowels, organs, eating, breathing, our senses, our taste, our sense of smell, our hunger, all our drives, including our sensual, sexual pleasure.  I am leaving out a myriad of areas, but it affects evvvvvvvverything. 

It starts to rob us of our magic.  We don’t feel so wondrous anymore.  How do we grasp, claw, struggle and fight for our lives to cling to a shred of magic?  That is, in itself, a remnant of the magic that is still left in us.  The will to do whatever we need to do to sustain our life.

We cling to hope….we cling to our treatments to destroy the cancer, to diminish it, to give us more time to live and breathe and take in the miracle of a birth, a birthday, a holiday, a hug from a loved one, a touch, a kiss, a loving word, an understanding ear to listen to us rale, the bird chirping outside our window, the rainbow in the cloud, the sound of a loved one snoring….. all of it.

That’s what cancer tries to do.  It tries to take our magic away.  When you have no magic left, you are done.  You are just existing.  I don’t see  this as a battle, because in a battle someone wins and someone loses.  I want to change my framing so that I see it as each person carrying a torch of light, a torch of warmth, a torch of inspiration, a torch of magic.

You don’t die and lose the battle.  You just pass on your torch to someone else.  The magic, like matter, can neither be created nor destroyed.  Cancer can’t take it from you.  It is yours, until you pass it on to someone else.  Your light, your magic, doesn’t go out, doesn’t diminish, does not become degraded or humiliated or demeaned in any way.

Cancer tries to kill you by smothering your magic.  When you can no longer go on, cancer has not won or defeated you.  You have NOT lost a battle. 

I think you have won.  Your magic lives on in every heart you have touched.  When you die, the cancer dies.  It does not go on.  But your magic does.  It goes on in me, and in every soul that has been touched by this despicable disease.

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Neal, The magic is God and as I have moved through many stages of this cancer and life the one steady feeling of togetherness has been with my Lord. I am so blessed to see and ponder, everyday, all you write, and now I am even more aware of things that I took for granite. Like swallowing tasting food, breathing, talking .. being able to smell normally... to walk, to see, and I can go on.. just typing here without having shocks in my fingers.. I am so blessed and aware that God and his mercy has brought me to this moment with you here, now, and I am grateful.. hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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Don't let anything take the magic. It's hard sometimes.
sometimes?...absolutely....I think it is hard alll the time....and what I wrote was not in anyway saying that you can do much about it...I just meant it to mean that your magic, our loved ones magic...can not be defeated by the cancer... believe me.. I know it sucks... I just meant it to mean that those of us who can, will carry on the magic of that best we can...and I know that when it is all happening to you and around you...that it is just about impossible to see, feel, or think of magic...or you can think about is survival to the next day..or moment...or treatment...or break from treatment..or dealing with side effects..complications,..and on and on and is hard...mercilessly hard sometimes....ungodly hard...inhumanly hard..and my heart breaks reading many of these posts
By the way, happy belated birthday...or birthdays..if you acknowledge your Dx date...I hope you are NED... also..difficult to tell from your brief comment..whether there was something else you wished to talk about...if there is... I CAN listen...and thank you for commenting...always means something to me when someone takes the time to say thanks
Well stated. My husband HATES the battle analogy. Someday he will die - as will we all. He does not view fighting cancer or death from cancer as anything extraordinary. Indeed, as our population continues to live longer, more people will be diagnosed with cancer. We are, after all, a collection of dividing cells - and cell division both allows for life and causes death when it runs amok (cancer). I read recently that we would ALL die of cancer if we lived long enough - because with cell division it is inevitable that something will go wrong at some point. Lately, I'm trying to refuse to give cancer any power over me. It is one way to die - hopefully my man can continue to live with it - and we will all die someday.
(I know, I know: I'm a real cheerup, aren't I?!).
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I didn't think that was a DEBBIE DOWNER comment...I thought you presented a realistic view... and I like realistic...cells divide...either normally ...or abnormally...we will all way or another...just don't like anyone having to die from cancer..too brutal and mercilessly unkind in so many any PUPPY UPPERS??? to cheer you up?
Can I protest the Debbie Downer reference? :)
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yes you may...with full justification...I will strike that from my vocabulary this instance...and replace it with..... doggie downer...which is the original phrase anyway.... doggie downers and puppy uppers....I stand duly correctec...Madame Deborah..and herewith....apologize most forthright....etc, etc, etc.....
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