Yelling into the phone can be cathartic

I was so involved in trying to find a therapist...I got excited when I found someone that sounds good on paper, and wrote her a brief...

a brief.....ahem....synopsis of my current neural to a lay person, that may be bizarre...hopefully she is used to reading convoluted hieroglyphic depictations of a brain that is NOT on drugs...I gave her a piece of my mind....I just hope she is kind enough to give it back....we shall see...

and don't you worry about me...I am on auto pilot.... I took a walk....I scheduled someone to come look at my decrepitating fence....I wrote to a therapist...I spoke to social security....I called my health insurance... and that is where the trouble began...TROUBLE

They passed me to exaggeration ...6 different people...and after each one I had to go thru the same 5 voice prompts...I tried to YELL at them with all the diaphragm that I have, but each time I started to yell at someone they put me back to the voice prompts....

Then, the volume on their end kept getting softer and softer...and softer...and soon...I couldn't hear what they were saying anymore....I was so confused as to whether I should laugh or cry....but it wasn't worthy of any tears...

So I just yelled some more and then I was still on hold, I got another call on my cell phone (I was on the house phone), and I was yelling at the guy on the phone not realizing how F'g loud I was talking...and when I apologized, he told me his wife was on the phone for 5 hours with their health insurance company, so he understood. I did get a good laugh out of it with him on the phone.....and so it goes...

I called a health insurance broker and got the answers I was looking for right away...first, he answered the phone right away...and in fifteen minutes I had the info I needed.... All in all... I guess I managed to get a few things accomplished today...any body reading this think I am just a tad off the wall, raise your hand.....ha...I can't see your hand there.... but hugs accepted graciously and given in return

A Peaceful Easter and thanks for listening to my rants


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Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
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We're trying to get my husband covered for a PARP Inhibitor for his BRCA-positive pancreatic cancer. His insurance denied it and I went through EXACTLY the same telephonic shit you describe so perfectly here. So frustrating! But then I remind myself that they have their job to do (the theory of insurance, after all, is to take money in and not pay it out) while I have mine. And my job is to get this drug for my man one way or another - even if I have to chain myself to the door of the insurance or drug companies. There is absolutely no question in my mind that I will get this drug come hell or highwater - no matter how crazy they try to drive me! Take care, Neal 💪🏽
Thomas likes this comment of these occassions I had a health advocated dealing with the insurance company...I don't remember how I found them or they found me...had to do with them not paying for one of Em's surgeries because it got coded wrong and they were saying it was cosmetic surgery....I was the gastric bypass... that was a trip...but she handled it...thankfully...I would have killed someone...figuratively...yeah right...if you should want the info i have on the advocate...just let me know...I will find it and share it with you gladly...I am not sure if they just deal with billing or also with approval of meds and such, but just let me know if you want the info I have...
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It won't help you to know this, but it is the same over here in Australia and New Zealand. We dogs move to another room when our Pop is on the phone and speaking to automative recordings and automatic robotic people 'cos he can really yell!! Doggy hugs :*)
just so you know...i got a definite chuckle reading that...thanks
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Voicemail is the worse thing that ever happened. My last 10 years working st Aging I got out of social service and went over to the admin side. I was a service provider recruiter and got to go out on the road and do some speaking about our services offered to the elderly. And I can honestly say, I returned every single phone call I received! I hear (pun intended) what you say about soft talking......I always have to ask people to speak up on the phone. My cancer and subsequent treatment took the hearing in my left ear and I have an aid. But I hear (another pun) a lot of people who have no hearing loss, complain of this. I also find that folks talk too fast.
it was the recorded voice prompts....each time it got softer, until it was too soft to seemed like a joke.... it would be a good skit for candid camera...or saturday night live.... gee, am I dating myself...candid i dont like when people talk too fast either.... but then, if someone talks toooooo slow...that drives me crazy too..... i no longer have honda ridgeline....traded it in several years ago...been driving a Kia soul since then.... so not alot of room...enough for 10 or so bags of mulch....well....i need about 45 least 4 trips to Agway.... i did two trips today... they load the car...i have to unload the car...the bags are a pain in the butt....but delivery for the loose mulch has gotten pricey.... by the time i finished, my arms were black... it's black cedar mulch... and my hands were so dirty i had to scrub then over and over again in the shower.... and I wore work gloves.... didn't help much.... not exactly sure why i am telling you all mulch is not exactly an interesting subject.... must be delirium from being in the garden for so long.... and i keep smelling a combination of the mulch and the plant fertilizer I put down in all the beds....and I showered.... but i keep smelling it....weird....
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