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Test Post


This is your test post.  By the way...I just clicked on "like" on a comment on my post and got bumped to the top..... also when doing my post and I wanted to edit it something edit...but not the post i was working would at that time....would not let me edit again.... now it says edit.....but this an hour later than I did the post was around midnite...a few minutes before......  time issue?? okay.... all done now.


Thomas, Neal like this post.
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and it did it still bumped up..... we gots gremlins in deese der puters...days scary thins...puters... days goin take over one these days, then whatz we do???
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I just clicked "like" on this comment Neal and the page didn't have to renew before the like was counted. Yay! Much faster than it was before :*)
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I think there are gremlins .. I clicked "like" earlier today on a few posts and while the "likes" were counted, the page didn't renew like it always has in the past - which was great because my laptop is old and slow. This time though, I clicked "like" here on your post Neal and the page renewed before the "like" was counted.
ok I left a message for Dee the man with the tech skills... still got bugs to work out....nice when it does not refresh tho..isnt we get it to keep would be a welcome change...
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so...did you get any of that......if you click LIKE on a comment, you will stay put.......if you click LIKE on a post, you will NOT stay put.... it works only for the commments....not for the post itself.... if I (and that is a big capital I bigger than I can enlarge here...I lol) understand correctly..... (smile)..thanks for helping
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it is doing it says above... add post and under that.. edit weblog... it is not allowing this post to be edited.... what's up with that?
edit weblog......never seen that before.... instead of edit post...
This is happening to me too.

First thanks for the test. Looks like you posted "Whole in your heart" at 11:37pm your time on the 7th (8:37pm for the server), and "Test Post" at 1:20am your time on the 8th (10:20pm on the 7th for the server), if I'm doing the calculations right. And they got numbered correctly. I don't know whether to be happy or sad, but my theory seems to be shot, that wasn't the error.
On the "liking": I look at the "likes" on the two posts and I see you did a "like" on this post, but that is different than liking a comment. I don't see any _COMMENTS_ on this post, or the "Whole in the Heart" post that you have liked.

It is only the liking of COMMENTS that has been changed. The liking of POSTS will still refresh the screen (for now). You may be observing correctly that there are still problems, but in this case it looks to me like you "liked" your post. Same with the "like" by Thomas on this post - it is a like of the post, not a like of a comment.It may seem like a small difference, and I may do something about liking posts in the future, but the like button for a post is at the top of the page already, so you don't lose your place as you do if liking a comment 4 pages down.

As for the appearance of "Edit Weblog", there is a subtle difference whether you are looking on your screen at a single post or a whole weblog. For example, if you click on the blue menu bar above "view->blog posts" you are looking at your whole blog. You see the latest post, followed by the next latest, followed by older ones and you can keep scrolling down to the first post you ever made. If instead you click on a single post - for example if you pick one of the posts in the right hand bar under posts, and click that - now you are looking at only 1 post. When you reach the end of the comments on that post, that is the end of what is displayed.

When you are looking at the WHOLE WEBLOG (and only when looking at your OWN weblog), the button at the top offers "Edit Weblog". But if you are looking at a single post it only offers "Edit Post". Edit Weblog lets you see a list of all the posts, and edit or remove posts. You can also get there on the blue menu bar with edit->blog posts. You are not offered the option to "Edit" either a post or a weblog, unless you are looking at your own weblog or post. You can't edit somebody else's weblog, or post.

I would not ordinarily post these technical matters here. I try not to clutter up the BFAC stream with techno stuff, but as you have posted it on the main stream and other people have also made comments I thought it might be helpful to clarify what you (and Thomas) are seeing and commenting on.
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ok...thank you ...i am still confused...but that is ok too... i dont get why when i am looking at my own post...if i want to edit it... for example... i am on this page now.... and see a mistake on a post.... so if i am correct...I have to come off this page which is showing more than one post at the moment....and go into that particular post only....and then i can do the edit...... is that right?
i never realized the difference before....ok...i see...i tried that
and if you like a short post...yes you are near the top...but if you like a long winder airbag post like one of my epic are four pages down from the top.... and i cant see it right now..but i assume the like button for the post is at the bottom of the post? but i am just making sure i understand..... so at the is the like of a comment that is being worked on........ okay.... i am beginning to understand......I think LOL.....dont bother spending more time explaining to me unless i have grossly misunderstood....and thank you so much for taking the time to lay this out for me...appreciate it
ok....I am clicking on comments...NOT posts....and I am being sent to the top of the page..... what is it I am not getting?? I am clearrly clicking on comments.....just comments....
I also did not realize there was a difference between liking a post versus liking a comment....sheeesh.... what a can of worms this
who woulda thunk....not me...i figured a like is like is a like...
I'm hitting like on all these posts and nuttins happening?🙁😒
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