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Now That I am Sixty Four

You have to sing the Beatles song ....WHEN I'M SIXTY FOUR...which for titled....NOW THAT I'M SIXTY-FOUR

Hum the tune some daba daba daba doos know...ok?....ok....let's go.......


I've gotten older, and before I knew

many years flew by

all the things they sung about in that song

plus oh so much more, by and by

too much to list here, it would take tooo long 

and you would get so bored

I can still feed me

But I Hope someone still READS ME

Now that I'm sixty bom


Neal Harvey........good day!

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Happy Birthday. I'm still reading you. This song also reminds me of the Alice's Restaurant song.
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Lol... I'll have to do that one next... thank you
you can get anything you want at alice's restaurant

you can get anything you want at alice's restaurant

walk right in it's around the back

just a half mile from the railroad track

you can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant

about 18 plus minutes long....I just listened to the whole story teller...Arlo Guthrie
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Too weird. I listened to Alice's Restaurant just one week ago. That made me think of Jefferson Airplane's Go Ask Alice.....and I was off and running through all my old LPs. Thanks for the memories......!
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Oooh....chuckling... Jefferson Airplane... Oh my...
Sooooooo many memories
birthday greetings ...bottle of wine ♫
Perfect... thank you...smiling
Happy Birthday 🎉
Thanks Kim
Happy Birthday 🎂🎉
Thank you Jane
Thank you Sue
Happy Birthday, wish you many more.
Thanks Nancy now I have to go see if you answered my other post on your page
Amazing how certain songs can remind us of how quickly time manages to pass by. Thanks for the memories, as Mr. Hope used to say lol
Here's one: ♪♪ "I hear it's your birthday! Well it's my birthday too, yeah! I hear it's your birthday! Happy birthday to you!" ♪♪ Great Beatles tune, eh? The drums make the difference.
Neil Young Title is.... in the Free World and yeah we never danced is a sad one
love the drums
BOL BOL BOL! Belated birthday wishes, Uncle. And hugs :*)
Thanks for the hugs
I don't know how this post got by me. Happy belated birthday, Neal. I hope you have the month long celebration for yourself, too. I am happy to see you giving yourself the gift of mindfulness and meditation. Actually, that's a lifelong gift so good for you!
thanks is a lifelong gift...I think if my dad were still alive he would have liked it...he was an accountant who dealt with many different types of people, countries, cultures...he was interested in how people interact, psychology, and what makes them who they are and how they are...I think he would have found meditation fascinating...I do..and is a gift to myself...thanks (for some reason my dad was on my mind today...something in a book that I reread that had a few pages about a book called the Human Comedy by William Saroyan..i cry when i read it, but i also feel better after i cry and i read it...and i am going to go type it out I have it whenever i want to read it...actually, i want to memorize the lines of speech...i haven't done that since my last play in 1990 I think.) just never know what surprises are in store...thanks for the birthday wish
i posted the selection that I referred is brief..and out of context of the book I hope it still has impact... let me know how you react, what you think, feel...if you wish to
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February 10, 2017

North Haven, Connecticut 06473

In Memory of a Loved One

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Pancreas Cancer

Stage 4



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