Roseanne Roseannadana comments on Arms

Roseanne on the right to bear arms

Editor’s Note: Listen....let's get something straight here...this is no joking matter… BUT ...if ROSEANNE ROSEANNADANA were still alive...she might say something like this:

Newscaster: Roseanne, what is on your mind tonight?

Roseanne: I need to talk about .....bear arms. ALL bears deserve to, and have the right to have, arms...I mean, even bears have the right to arms, don't they???? Why shouldn't they have arms?? Everyone else gets to have arms, and they have rights too, RIGHT?

So....I think all bears should be entitled to have arms. And, besides .... it says so in the Constitution, so the founding fathers must have also thought it was important for BEARS to have arms.

Unless they were talking about BARE arms, but...I don't think they would have been talking about NAKED arms back in those days...Although Thomas Jefferson had some hanky panky goings on...but I guess that is a topic for another day...

This is ROSEANNA ROSEANNADANA...good know...they could also have been talking about ALMS....I mean everyone should have a right to those too, shouldnt' they?

Newscaster: Say good night Roseanne.

Roseanne: Good Night! Besides....who would want bear arms anyway?? I want regular arms...sheeeesh...all that hair...who wants hairy arms???...this is alllll crazy...good night! or maybe I should just say......NEVER MIND!

Newscaster: Thank you Roseanne. Always enlightening. No, I don’t have the heart to tell her.

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It's alllllways something.
Lol....well said... I have to remember that next time thank you
Well done, Uncle *high paws* :*)
Thanks Thomas
well written.
Thanks...I did an audio of it on Facebook ...just for s**ts and giggles
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