Where There Is A Will....Allow Me To Share A Song


I finally figured out how to post a song here.  It took me long enough. I mean a song of mine, or in this case right now, someone else's song that I have written lyrics for and I have recorded myself singing. The song is beautiful on its own without words......but I have listened to this song for both grieving and healing, and could almost hear the words in my head. They finally revealed themselves to me.  

Perhaps the song will move you the way it moves me. You can always find it without my singing by going to you tube and typing in Paul Taylor Long Way Home.

I think all of his music is soothing and healing. 

I hope you enjoy what I have done and that it soothes you in some way. This song can have many meanings. Hopefully it speaks to your heart as it speaks to mine, and you find it hugs your soul.

This is Neal Harvey....good day!


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