POEM - Once I Had An Idea ... Smile?

Once I had an idea



Once I

Once I… had an idea

Brilliant in conception

flawless in execution

universal in application

I know it would have saved the world

Brought peace and a cease, to senseless wars…

An end to endless suffering,

Disease, illness, and cancer all memories of the past

No more hunger, food a plenty

Mental illness and guns and countless murders fading thoughts

It would have lit up the soul lights in every heart

Scholars would have qvelled and quivered in boundless glee

but now I quake

and shiver and shake, uncontrollably from my mistake

because in the aging of my brain

I am overwhelmed and overcome with shame …and pain,

and a colossal frown


I forgot…I forgot to write it down

And as much and as hard as I try

From my memory this brilliant thought I can NOT pry

And I will take it with me to my grave,

When I die

So sad, So sad, …So very unconsolably sad … am I


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Well done, Uncle ... this strikes a cord with Nan. She has had many great thoughts come to her, and many great lines of poetry and many great titles to books, but she didn't write them down so forgot them! Arghhh! :*)
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Hey that's why we have smartphones turn on the video record your idea or type it into an email send it to yourself and so you can also carry a pad around with you but with the phone it makes it really easy just talk into it I have song ideas I click camera video and sing it into the phone play back later and I got my idea for a song or a poem... Don't let those ideas vanish Into Thin Air they're too precious
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No excuses anymore When the Thought comes get it before you lose it you can even voice recognition it into your phone so you don't have to type save those ideas save those ideas
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You are so right! Nan tried a notebook and pen but kept forgetting to keep it with her. She needs to get used to using her phone. Even after all these years she still can't get used to being able to vid etc. She'll watch something amazing when she's out in the paddocks (or wherever) and then, after it's all over, think "OMD I should have videoed that!" *rolls eyes* :*)
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It needs to become a habit - the more she does it, the faster she'll get used to it.
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