POEM - What Color

I copied (freehand drawn) a drawing of Snoopy with a bouquet of flowers and the caption is ...."you are on my mind"....hopefully this link works.


This poem is about something we all share in common, in one degree or another, and although we cannot fix each other, we can be "with" each other


Once I had an idea, and thought

what color is pain

what color suffering,

a common affliction of each human soul?

is it blue for sad

is it red for mad or bleeding really bad

is it black when no light can find, can find its way through

or is it green when you think others don't feel what you do?

perhaps it is white (for hope, or yellow or pink or purple or what makes you feel joy) if from experience

you have come to know

that this too will pass and after you allow yourself to feel it,

as it came so shall it go

of course I know, I simplify, and speak of pieces of the whole (or is it hole)

but perhaps each time you repeat this process (if able to allow)

it adds a touch of wisdom to your soul? (and another wrinkle, to your brow)

or just maybe the whole purpose is not about you NOR on your parade to bring you anguish or to

shower a deluge of rain

but to make you more human and more sensitive

to add room in your heart to feel another person's pain?

Just sayin’


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