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One more thing. I keep feeling this parallel between having cancer, either going through treatments, or surviving treatments and living with the aftermath and the ever-present concerns about either its being controlled, or its return…and grieving a loss.

A lot of similarities that I feel as I put myself in that person’s body and shoes. Loss of the way my body was before cancer, loss of the day to day security of not having to worry about if it is REALLY gone or when, or if, it might return. It feels like a loss.

Yes, life-affirming and hope and love and gratefulness are a part as well, with hopefully a mix of joy and sadness, but yet again, just feels similar to grief. You carry it with you, and you are forever changed.

Just sayin'. Finding out that my next door neighbor has pancreatic cancer has really hit a nerve inside me. Too close to home in so many ways. And, stirring up a sadness that had gotten quieter and I know will get quiet again, but at the moment it is singing a really sad song. Prayers for Nick, please.

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Oh, that's rough for you, with your neighbor. Sometimes you just feel like your surrounded by it....my Gram had lymphoma in the 90's. I'm high risk for lymphoma anyway because of my SLE. But I wasn't afraid of getting it. Sometimes I don't think I'm normal when it comes to fear, and I don't know why......So how is your neighbor? Getting tx yet?
Yeah it's all f'd up they just also diagnosed him with interstitial lung disease so it's a question mark as to how much more chemo he can handle he's on the gemcitabine and abraxane and he's having respiratory issues so at the moment doesn't sound very good

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