Amazing Musician Eva Cassidy

I recently discovered Eva Cassidy, an amazing musician who became very well known only after she died November 2, 1996 from melanoma at age 33. 

I am enthralled with her vocal abilities and her versatility. Her rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow is by far my favorite along with Judy Garland's, and if you do listen to the collection of 80 or so songs of hers on youtube, I can, from experience, tell you that you will need tissues here and there...or at least I do. 

I hear so many other artist's voices in hers, from Joni Mitchel, to Bonnie Raitt, to Aretha Franklin on the funky songs. I hope you listen and enjoy her special artistry. She was truly gifted and left our plane of existence way way toooooo soon. At least she left a legacy for us to treasure.

If this link doesn't give you the collection, just type in Eva Cassidy on the youtube search box.

Let me know what you think. Her rendition of the Sting song Fields of Gold, brought the original artist to tears when he heard it, and he is not crazy about other people doing his songs.

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I discovered her when I was at work. She became popular after she passed away from melanoma. Have you heard her "Whst a Wonderful World"?
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I did a marathon listening over the weekend does she remind you of like Judy Collins or Bonnie Raitt and even on some songs Joni Mitchell and the funky songs Aretha Franklin dot-dot-dot a rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is just perfect, yes I like Wonderful World and so many others
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She was versatile and didn't want to limit herself to one genre. When she sang jazz, she was Ella, etc. YouTube on Sister Rosetta Tharpe-Up Above my Head.....are you familiar? INCREDIBLE!!! She played electric guitar gospel music (really, no dope) in the late 40's-early 50's.
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Wooo Lord she rocks...
Yes, we love Eva's music. We only learned of her a few years ago. Her voice is pure magic. Nan likes all her songs but Songbird is probably her fav'rite :*)
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Thomas, you and Wendy too, YouTube Sister Rosetta Tharpe and put on your dancing boots! I listen to her when I need a mood boost.
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Wow, Sister Rosetta was amazing! We hadn't heard of her before, so thank you Aunty. We can't believe it took until 2017 for her to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! :*)
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I know! I was shocked when I heard and so glad that people remembered her. I became familiar with her also around the same time as I found Eva on the internet st work. I used to stay in on my lunch hour and surf the 'net!
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We love the youtube vids of her with her electric guitar - pawmazing!
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