Worried About Nancy, Let's Put Her In Our Prayers

It has been too quiet. I have sent messages and all I got back was a wave and a sad face in Facebook Messenger. My gut tells me she is having a very rough time. And so, I am asking any and all that would be so kind, to include her in prayers and thoughts of comfort, hope, and healing in whatever ways the universe has planned.

Nancy, I wish you peace and love in every breath you are blessed to take. Love and hugs and prayers.

Maridel threw a punch at your cancer.
Kim, Carla sent you a prayer.
Thomas sent you a hug.
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You're a good man, Uncle :*)
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I have been worried about her too, as she used to communicate more regularly and has just dropped of. Nancy if you are reading this please know that we love you and you are not forgotten.
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So... she did send me a message this afternoon. I don't know very much, because she didn't say very much other than she has to meet with her doctor tomorrow and she doesn't want any more surgeries. She said she's not in the hospital but life is very difficult. I don't know exactly what that means But it sounds like she is having a rough time.
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Hi Nancy, we miss you and are thinking of you, and Gracie too.😘
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