Trilogy (Plus) Of Poems - For A Smile And Chuckle

If your attention span is short, that is okay. You can take this in small doses. If you like longer posts, you are in luck at this very moment. This post, has three humorous (to me, keeping in mind not everyone has my sense of humor of finds humor in the things I do, which is just fine, and I always put the caveat, that I never mean to offend anyone with anything I write) ... three humorous and three serious poems, although the last, as a song, has a lightness to it. I hope you find something here that moves you in some way shape or form and leaves you feeling something in your heart.


So, a Trilogy on some mundane aspects of daily life....


perhaps I can bring a smile,

and take your mind off serious things even if just for a little while.....

sometimes a laugh is worth more than a tear,

and helps to distract just long enough, to replace your fear,

with a ray of sun and a chard of light that chases down the shadows for a time,

and puts you in a better moment with a touch of the sublime



Something I had to do as a child

Before I went to sleep

As long as I can remember

Along with prayers and souls to keep

I had to do it every night

And in the morning too

Or else someone would twist their face at me

And go YUCK and say PEE YOOOOO

Then as I got older

I STILL did it every day

I thought I could keep them from falling apart

And minimize their decay

But after years of chomping granola

Lots of nuts, dutch pretzels, and ice cubes (for sexual relief)

Although they are no longer mine

I still have to brush my teeth (and to my family I bequeath)



Supposed to do it every day

But I often wait a week or more

Some people HAVE TO do it EVERY DAY

But that is just their lot in life, and I don’t have that chore

They use liquids or solids

And they all go down the drain

It doesn’t matter what they use,

The results are ALWAYS the same

I think after my MAN O’PAUSE

My glands just changed their style

And now I don’t think I ever stink,

Although, no one’s gotten too close to me for a while.



They threaten to overtake my house

Is there nothing I can do

The papers are encroaching on my space and life

And they’re arrogantly narrowing my path for walking through

They seem to like horizontal places, any place that’s flat

I will have more trouble soon as I’m getting rather fat

They are multiplying exponentially although I’ve never been that good at math

But as they keep squaring themselves, they’ve even taken up the BATH

Now, maybe that’s why I don’t shower any more, but I use all-natural peach-scent deodorant,

And keep dreaming I will wake up to a deep cleaned house

And wonder where all my papers went (just like cavities, and yellow, with pepsodent)



I have been told since i am the creative type

I should be used to clutter

But when I have to keep moving papers

To find a place to sit

It just kind of makes me shudder

I have poems and songs and essays

Scattered all over the place

Hopefully when I die,

I don’t have them in my face


Meditation - (okay, so this one is not really funny, just has a cute last line or two)


In Meditation

When the first arrow arrives

I stop as I feel


Where do I feel it

Can I place the sensation

And call it by name


I stop the process

Investigate with time out

Breathe before I act


Conscious awareness

Takes a life time of practice

Learn every day


Sounds good on paper

Trouble melts like lemon drops

Mind still plays HOP SCOTCH.


Okay, so I lied.... I have more.  These are serious, and the last two are turning into songs and one of them, "Uncertainty" is a song I put on youtube and will share the link here in case you care to listen to the short minute and a half performance. (link is at the end of this post)

The first two poems, "I Choose to Believe" and "My Heart Has Grown" came out of my thoughts of Emilee (and feelings, more feelings than thoughts).... and the last one, "Uncertainty" comes from learning (still learning) that life is soooooo uncertain and loving what is beautiful in the moment does not mean I will have it in the next moment, but I better love it right now or it will be gone and I will have missed whatever it was, and just because I love it this moment, does not mean I get to keep it.

It is not mine to keep, so I hold it tight (soooooo tight, but not toooooo tight to squeeze the life out of it and hurt and smother it) and then I must be willing to let it go...... and this is never never never easy... I do not think it gets easier as I am forced to practice this again and again...I just know that I am strong enough to keep doing this and to keep going....

Hug, let go, hug, let go, with the promise of the next hug, and the next, and when I have nothing to hug but need to hug and be hugged, I hug myself..... had to do that recently... was just one of those bunches of moments, that I needed to hug/cry myself to sleep.... I actually envisioned it as well, as crossing my arms around myself and went to sleep that way.... I did feel comforted, and it really helped... 

Okay, enough of my leaking fluid out of my pores.... 


Just as a tree is sure
Its leaves will reappear,
Time advances as our seasons
Pass by with the years

But I believe it doesn't end
With our last earthly breath
And we peacefully transcend
Into eternal present after death

So although the body dies in many ways
The soul never does
It lives on forever
And breathes with all our loves

Just as the tree is sure
Its leaves will reappear
When we leave our earthly vessel
We dissolve all deathly fear

Time an earthly creation
Not a concern of the soul
When leaving behind the body
Once again becomes whole

A year is made of seasons
Each one connects part of
Our lives are all entwined
Our common bond is love



Her soul forever with me

I feel her in my heart

Her body no longer present

Her love within never apart


She sees and hears and knows

What I think and what I feel

Sometimes I recognize the signs

At times I’m not sure they’re real


Her spirit now lives as part of mine

Her voice a harmony so sweet

Our resonance combined

My melody more complete


Notes and words and rhythms

I could not do all alone

Being torn through the ache of love

I know my heart has grown




uncertainty is

my hibiscus bud

a bloom bursting forth

a feast for my eyes

joy that lasts a day or two

flourishes then dies

body that withers

a love in my heart

memory that lasts


no attachment

hold tight let go

an ache that cries

a love that sighs

my child’s voice sings

again, again


are you my friend?


If this link does not work, go to YouTube and type in the search box my name Neal Klein and pick the Neal Klein that has 40-something videos et voila


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Hmm...a lot to ponder.
Neal "Ogden" Klein! But I must say, your prose has much more substance.
Neal likes this comment
In a private message sometime, I wouldn't mind if you expanded on that comment a little bit
Marcia likes this comment
I will. I'm at the NH now going into a care plan meeting for step-father on 2 minutes.
Well done, Uncle. Some of that made Nan smile. Also made her wonder if you need a housekeeper ... we don't want to lose you amongst all that paper, haha! Hugs :*)
I have a housekeeper... But they just leave my papers alone because I put them high enough up off the floor so that they can vacuum and clean the floors. However, I consulted with an organizer earlier this week which was a free consult, and she will be returning in a 3-hour block to help get me set up with a system to organize my multitude of papers. I am very hopeful that Within the next couple of weeks this place will be completely straightened and I will have a system to maintain it. I really feel like it took a very big step in bringing someone else into my home which is embarrassingly Messy... Clean other than the papers. My kitchen is always clean and tidy as are my bathrooms it's just my living areas are overrun with chaos and confusion and I really do like order and organization. And, I think this is a big step in organizing my life if I organize My space my life will be more organized. So it took a lot of courage to start this process I am confident I will follow through now and I am patting myself on the back for getting started. And it was a therapist who I consulted on the phone I don't even see this therapist who gave me the name and number of this woman and then I went ahead and called her spoke to her on the phone and made the appointment. So thank you for your concern about me getting lost in my papers and I will give an update as I progress. Straightening my house will also have another significant consequence... That being that if I want to invite people over to my house I can, and that is a very big step for me. So my final words are...TA DAAAAA
Thomas likes this comment
Well done Uncle! *claps paws* Nan likes order, too. She likes everything to have a place and be in its place. Loathes having to waste time searching for stuff. She does find that being in a tidy room soothes her soul, and she is definitely more productive. She leaves the office to Pop 'cos it is chock-full of his stuff and he is extremely messy (can never find things) so she works on the kitchen table, which is huge and located in the family room/kitchen area. When she passes through the office she just closes her eyes to the mess and hopes she doesn't stub her toe on anything hard, hehehe. We reckon you will benefit hugely in getting your papers in order. It's such a nice feeling. Plus the mahoosive benefit of not being embarrassed having people over. Again, well done!! Hugs :*)
Neal likes this comment
Very good. Enjoy it . when I was younger I wrote a little poetry. Don't know what. Ever happened to it.
Why not try again?
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