Nancy Hilliard R.I.P.

I just read a Facebook post by Nancy's sister Mary. Nancy died on July 30th. I notified Administration and I am sure there will be a notice posted.  

She was a friend. I will carry her scar like I do all the others. I say they make me lighter. In time they do. But when they hit they don't feel so light.

I will do my best to share more love in the world in her honor. I know she is with my Emilee and together  they are watching out for all of us.

Nancy...Go safely on your journey with love and finally peace.

Love Neal

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I'm so sad to hear this, she was one of the first people I talked to on here and she unknowingly helped me choose a treatment plan that has been keeping me alive. Thank you for letting us know, I've been thinking of her. Rest In Peace Nancy 💜
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Thanks for letting me know. I set up her memorial. ;-(
Nancy's Memorial
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Hugs hugs and more hugs, Uncle. Thanks for letting us know. Damn this thing called cancer.
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Neal you have a way with words.
How kind of you to say. Thanks Nathan
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