Poem - Nineteen Months

Yesterday (August 31) was a year and seven months... and between memories and emotions somehow came these words

When smiles and gentle words of kindness
Feel like embraces longed for
When hugs and affectionate touch
Melt stiffened scars aged in time
When the scars have softened
And the inner harsh voices have hushed
A scarred heart beats with less ache
A soul suffers not so much
And an angel quietly folds her wings around me.


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I didn't realize 17 mos......February 15th, 2017?
Jan 31 2017
Beautiful. Long may your love sustain and heal you.
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I love this. I hope I will reach that state of peace.
It is not a constant. It fluctuates. If there were a constant state of peace there would be no discomfort and therefore no motivation 2 change or improve and so I guess the fluctuation and the discomfort is necessary so that I don't grow stagnant although that phrase is an oxymoron. But the peace is nice to keep coming back to again and again. I have found it gets easier to shift from one state of mind to another not being so stuck or lost or aflounder. And still I am sometimes surprised when I think I'm feeling okay and then a memory or a phrase or something I read just hits me in a certain way. And that's okay, I know it comes and goes.
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