My "Now" Year's Prayer

My "now " years prayer  

For those who fight to live, I wish you strength  to continue the fight,

For those who are living with a disease that continues to haunt even when it is either in remission or cured,  I wish you peace and reprieve from that ongoing stress,
And for those who fought and won the spiritual battle even though their body could sustain life no longer, may you become and remain the inspiring angels living in our hearts,

For all those Souls physically with us and spiritually with us,
prayers for strength,
prayers for healing,
prayers for love,
Love to encourage us to keep sharing the love you planted in our hearts and the world,
and may we continue to shine and share your love as beacons for others to follow.
I think that needs an amen.

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Thomas, Smita sent you a hug.
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A M E N !
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Beautiful sentiment Neal.
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Amen. Nicely said.
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